“The answer to the great question […] of life,
the universe and everything […]
is […] forty-two,”
said Deep Thought,
with infinite majesty and calm.

― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Before twilight.
When I so often begin to climb a mountain
With my beloved heavy backpack.
When I set up my camera and compose.
When I am waiting for light to come out warming me.
When I smell,
When I hear,
When I feel the world even
Before I see.

Then, I often ask myself: Who am I? 42?

Standing here where I stand,
I came to the conclusion that it is not important who I am.

I am just thankful, present and inspired.

Throughout my life I have felt myself inspired by music, by words, recently by images.
What all these wonderful tools have in common is that they mirror the mystery, monumentality and multiplicity of nature. Life is inseparable from nature and so are we. Although we are part of nature we are often so separated from it.

Nature is sturdy but fragile. We are close but distant.

For that reason it has never been enough to just observe, I always wanted to be involved, being part of it.

Photography to me means closing this distance. It supports me to understand. To reflect. To experience.

A moment (“Augen-Blick”) to see the world for what it is.

In these moments with my camera, light seems to be nature’s poetry that I strive to discover.

The light that shines, shapes, safes and sounds.

In these moments, I believe. Thinking about 42.

And try to immortalize these moments as best as I can.