“How many roads must a man walk down?”

― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy


While this site represents a bit of who I am, I am using the following platforms for specific reasons:

This is my main photography page containing my portfolio, lots of background information and blog.

500px I mainly use to check how my images resonate, promote and diffuse them in a community of photography enthusiasts.

Camerapixo is a beautiful new photography community. For those photographers who are tired following and liking, but really believe.

On National Geographic I mainly share #nofilter images that are done mainly without intensive postproduction and that mirror mankind, environment, and its relationships combined with a short personal, philosophical note.

On Twitter I mainly write and retweet about free but high quality online tutorials and workshops that I’ll summarize continuously in my Free Photography School link lists. In addition, I post about new images.

On my Facebook photography page I mainly write about my photography hikes and publish new images as well as status updates.

On Instagram I share not only landscape images, but those that inspire me for a variety or reasons to catch certain moments.

On Pinterest you’ll find images, videos and material from others that I collect mainly for educational purposes. Here, you’ll find different design-categories, such as product design, house design or guerilla marketing design strategies.