The General Purpose of it All: Thoughts and Needs

While creating this page, I have been thinking intensively about the general purpose of my blog and what it can add to the variety of noise out there.

Fascinated by the miracles of light, lines, colors and stories in between I have started my photographic journey in 2014. In general, my page therefore is a protocol of this journey.

While I read a lot of books, listen to different kinds of music, and am interested in arts, the general purpose I think shall not be to follow or not to be followed – the one overwhelming point in social media. It should be to follow who we are.

Discovering however the inner mechanisms of ourselves, listening in to our inner voice, needs moderation, focus and a connection to oneself.

In the future, I will therefore write about two things that are very important to me as a learner and a teacher in one person: Thoughts and needs.

Thoughts: At best, my photograph tells the story I realized in the moment of making it. There are however reflections about certain elements of photography or within certain scenes that I don’t want to lose. In this rubric I’ll therefore write about thoughts of which I hope they’ll inspire your next photographic journey as well.

Needs: While there is a plethora of exciting material out there in the meandering paths of the internet (of which I’ll cite a lot), it is mostly not what I need. While I am framing with my camera, while I am organizing my library, while I am in post-processing, I usually have one specific need. I personally don’t want to watch a whole series of videos to solve this need. I also don’t want to read chapters in books about it. I only want to satisfy this specific need, as quick as possible to proceed with my main task. Thus, under this rubric I’ll write about specific needs, quick solutions and links to further dive into the topic.

In sum, the general purpose shall not be to follow or not to be followed. It should be to follow who we are.

In the hope you’ll find these posts useful. Feel free to give me feedback. I am more than happy to listening in.


And yes, the answer to the general purpose is 42. But you have to find the question by yourself.