Who I am & what do I do?

Who am I?

My name is René Algesheimer and I was born and raised in Germany.

What do I do?

Professionally, I am a scientist. Personally, I am a learner and enjoy to learn.

Basically, I have started with the blog, because I’d like to share my motivations, my momentum and the miracles on earth with you.

I have started with photography in 2014. Especially in the beginning I was excited but overwhelmed by the existing (free) material on the web that one can discover to learn photography. But where should one start, and how and in what order?

This blog therefore is also about learning and sharing.

Welcome to my blog!

I hope you enjoy being part of this shared process and experience.

Where to have a look at?

If you are interested in my other activities, please feel free to:

  • visit my 500px page for an overview of some of my best (mostly landscape) images
  • have a look at my National Geographic Your Shot page for more editorial images plus some philosophical thoughts
  • follow me on Twitter for tips on learning photography
  • follow me on Instagram for some – often daily inspired – images
  • like me on Facebook to follow my hiking activities and trips on the road.

I am happy for every positive feedback, questions, or comments! Thanks in advance.

See you around.


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