Create When You Are At Your Weakest

“An unfulfilled vocation drains the color from a man’s entire existence.”
| Honore De Balzac

“The Corona virus seizes us, before it affects us.” Psycho analyst Mario Erdheim characterized the current situation with these wise words. Meanwhile, about two weeks later the virus has tamed and lamed us down. As society, culture and individuals. It is disappointing to realize how irresponsible media and politicians have reacted in the current situation. It seems that scaremongering was more important than carefully researched information.

True, we fortunately haven’t had many similar experiences in the recent past through which we could have learned and trained our behavior. However, don’t we invest a fortune into experts who build up these scenarios for our governments and advise our politicians? True, but potentially no situation is like another and things are difficult to predict. As such it is wonderful to see the worldwide collaboration in research with the attempt the find truth in the COVID-19. Need examples?

Almost all scientists emphasize the fact that we want to learn more about the origins, the incubation periods, the case fatality rates, the spreading… But they acknowledged early on that the virus will stay with us for a longer while.

In the meantime, the international economies have reacted, first countries have closed their borders, and we’ve realized a lack of supply in certain industries, the lack of toilette paper, tinned food and pasta in areas we wouldn’t have thought of. Many individuals are unsure, weak and don’t know how to anticipate the upcoming weeks. It is a situation that challenges mankind, but also our humanity and humility. In moments like this, we can show greatness by standing together, by supporting each other and keeping our values up high. It is crucial that we accept the recommended behaviors by the governments, but do not panik, believe in daily routines, and do not forget to smile about the many beauties in our world. Our happy nature will make us more resistant.

While there always is a chance in any situation, I also see opportunities in the current one. Art is potentially always at its best when we are at our weakest. Unfulfilled love has fed so many musicians and has helped them composing an infinite amount of love songs. Deaf musicians such as Beethoven, sicked artists such as Edvard Munch or Vincent Van Gogh have created jewels of art in moments of deepest suffering. Why is this the case? In these moments their messages shine through with clarity.

Often artists strive for the surprise to gain fast attention from a mass audience. Whether it is followers, likes, downloads, chart positions, awards or gallery exhibitions, artists often make use of effects helping them to stand out of the crowd. In photography, artists capture images combining auroras, rainbows, waterfalls, north star and sun stars all in one image by using techniques such as focus stacking, exposure blending, time blending, or multiple exposures with extreme angle lenses at extreme conditions processed with composite skies, Orton glow, dodge and burned just hackling for the applause. However, what delighted us today will bore us tomorrow. All stunning visual effects are discounting over time and become negatively perceived once assimilated by the masses. What remains however is the motivation why an artist made the photograph. Our reasons. And the reasons of others make us think.

There is never a better time to find reason, motivation, trigger to answer our why’s than when we are at our weakest.

I do believe that society needs art. Even more so right now. We do we need art? Because we are then all better off.

With all positive wishes to your well being, and health. Let’s create, re-color our existence and keep an eye on our smile.



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