Gold & Three Bronze Metals at the Epson International Pano Award

“In the end it’s about the work, not an award you get for the work.”

Linda Fiorentino


Which feedback feeds your passion? 

Grateful. Receiving feedback from the outside is always a pleasure. It means a lot to me not because of an award won, but because my photographs seem to move others as well.

As such, I am extremely thankful that my photograph “Gold” won the Gold Metal and is in the TOP50 of the 2018 Epson International Pano Award. My photographs “Swinging Dunes”, “Made to Stick”, and “Harvesting the Pattern Puzzle” won the Bronze Metal in the same award. Thus, all my submitted photographs have been awarded. Wow. Thankful.

The photographs “Gold” and “Swinging Dunes” I created this year in 2018 in the Empty Quarter in UAE. Rub Al Khali, referred to as the Empty Quarter, is the world’s largest continuous sand desert with uninterrupted sand dunes. The whole desert covers more than 650’000 km2 and stretches over the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Yemen. These ever-changing endless dunes are sculpted by the wind and form shapes of eternal beauty. While sun, glow and the wind are shielding one’s view over day, they paint the slopes and peaks through light into a beauty of golden blues and reds. In this empty quarter, I met great hospitality of people with long traditions. Grateful.

The photographs “Harvesting the Pattern Puzzle” and “Made to Stick” were created during my travel through China at Xiapu also in 2018. The patterns that emerged from bamboo poles, fisher nets and stone columns inserted in the mudflats that are all used to dry seaweed, kelp, oyster or laver. So beautiful, how macro patterns emerge from different micro behaviors: sun rising and setting, tides coming in and flowing out, but the harvesters make the difference. By driving in and out with their boats they put seaweed on the bamboo sticks or leave them and thereby create beautiful patterns they seem to puzzle.

Thank you all for the congratulations I received for these awards. Your comments, tweets, and emails mean a lot to me.