artistic approach

Everything starts with a wonder and an experience. With great passion, respect, gratefulness and commitment I am searching for experiences in nature that let me feel nature’s wonder through all my senses. It makes me indescribably happy to smell the ground of the earth, the perfume of its flowers, the majesty of the trees, to struggle wandering around in heavy winter snowstorms, to admire magical golden color transitions when summer is on the decline, to touch crusty tree barks and rock-solid stones, to listen to mother nature’s melodies and to talk to my camera who is with me in these experiential learning situations. As such, I strive to capture what Guy Thal characterized as the “essence of special places”.

In my photographs, I would like to share this feeling of the essence of a place with my audience. For this, I try to immerse myself into a scenery, search for special angles, try to apply different techniques to capture the dynamics of a moments as well as its whole spectrum of tones and colors. Mostly, I do have already an idea of the final image and try to process everything necessary using techniques such as exposure, time, focus, perspective or focal length blends. To me, processing an image starts already in preparing the image, continues during the capture and finishes in the digital darkroom. The latter is however not a separated “post-process” to me, but is inseparable from the work in the field. As it is highly encouraging to me to discover magical moments in nature and rewarding to be there at the right point in time, I always work with what is there.

My writing accompanies all my photographs. Through them I’d like to express thoughts I had when being immersed in that special place and what the essence was to me. I however try to leave enough room for the audience to transfer these thoughts into their own world linkable to their own experiences.

Finally, I’d like to dedicate all my work to the lovely people around me who fill my life every day with love. May you all feel the essence of these places as well and motivate you to actively care for our mother earth.

René Algesheimer