Chaos | 2020
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CHAOS: A Study of Order and Beauty.

Chaos theory is an oxymoron. Chaos is a state without recognisable rules. If a theory could describe chaos, it would not longer be chaos. As such, pure chaos is not of interest to scientists in chaos theory. They rather search for order in a suggested chaos or for the transgression from order to chaos. or from chaos to order.

In the beauty of old glacier ice on top of Europe’s biggest glaciers, I recognised chaotic forms emerging from snow crystals, melting ice, flowing water and the everlasting rocks under the surface.

While studying them, I began to realize how much beauty we can find in our environments if we just search for its order. With the series, I captured different beauty patterns that are transitioning from order into chaos. They are remembering me that we have always found order, haven’t we? Shouldn’t we?

Swiss Alps, Switzerland, 2020

Chaos | 2020

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