Meraki | 2020
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Greek is not only one of the oldest languages in Europe, but also one of the richest. With more than five million words and seventy million word types this language exists for more than four thousand years. Given its depth and beauty, one can find words in Greek that are barely translatable in English. Meraki seems to be one of those.

Meraki means to do something with pure soul, love and creativity putting the essence of yourself into your work. Absolute devotion and undivided attention.

With this ongoing series, I am collecting some of the very special moments of my life into one portfolio. Moments in which I was empty of thoughts, but completely fulfilled. Happy in joy. Grateful. Connected.

One can therefore say, that Meraki is my signature series, in which you are able to see, feel and receive the purest version of myself.

Many of the photographs from this series have been awarded in international competitions and received a lot of media attention.

Meraki | 2020

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