Painted Raw | 2022 -
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“Painted Raw” is an exploration of the stunning and abstract beauty of rocks that look like expressionistic paintings. These rocks are a raw ingredient of our world, present for as long as humans have existed, and will continue to exist long after we are gone. They are a powerful symbol of the co-existence of nature and human civilization, silently witnessing and recording the impact of our behavior and treatment of the natural world.

Through my lens, I capture the dynamic lines, intense textures, and delicate colors of these rock formations, revealing the irrevocable history and wounds of time that they contain. These structures on the rocks, reminiscent of the abstract expressionist style, reveal the lived experiences of the natural world through silent observation and participation. They are a testament to the power and complexity of nature, and a reminder of the profound impact that humans have on the environment.

My work is inspired by the principles of geometric expressionism, a movement that emphasizes the power of geometry to convey emotion and meaning. Through my photographs, I seek to create a visual language that speaks to the universal human experience and evokes a sense of wonder and awe at the natural world.

Ultimately, my project is a meditation on the beauty, power, and fragility of the natural world, and a call to action to protect and preserve the irreplaceable wonders that surround us.

Through this project, I aim to create a collective “aware” with viewers appreciating this work using my photographs as a medium.

Spain | 2022 – today

Painted Raw | 2022 -

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