Talking Landscape Photography – Interview with Paul Hoelen and Nick Monk

I, me, and myself - a video interview with Paul Hoelen and Nick Monk on YouTube.

„You know when it’s time to make a photograph when the object acknowledges your presence.“
| Daniel Gregory


Today I had the great pleasure of talking with Paul Hoelen and Nick Monk on their wonderful YouTube channel “Talking Landscape Photography” about my photography, my projects, my intentions, and my motivation. In this interview I present a talk titled “I, me, and myself – Working in photographic projects.”

From my perspective, it is wonderful to learn more about the “why” or intention of artists. Paul and Nick provide a great platform for this, and I would like to invite everyone to join. I really enjoyed the interview and hope it gives inspiration to all viewers.

During the interview, I also talk about my current book, “Voice of the Eyes,” the background, genesis, and many smaller stories.

Enjoy watching.


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