Virtual Exhibition at PhotoNOla

“When some dream only of transforming the world, others, regarding it as having disappeared, dream only of obliterating its traces.
The real considered as infantile disorder of the virtual.
Thought considered as infantile disorder of artificial intelligence.
The image considered as infantile disorder of representation.”
| Jean Baudrillard, Cool Memories V

This December, I had the possibility to participate at The New Orleans Annual Festival of Photography (PhotoNOla). It was an amazing experience where I met a lot of existing and new friends.

As of the Covid situation, the PhotoNOla team with support of MetacultureVR came up with the idea of creating a virtual exhibition space on AltspaceVR. It was a challenging, yet exciting new experience. After creating your personal avatar you were able to walk through the exhibition and talk to any other photographer through your microphone. Not the easiest medium for introvert, timid people, but it was a lot of fun. Above, you’ll see some exemplary images from the exhibition.

There are many chances, especially for artists in this new technology, but I do also see many inherent risks. For now, I really enjoyed trying out this new medium.

Thanks to the organizers of this wonderful event!