Book Announcement – List of Artists (part 2)

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”
| Jorge Luis Borges

There are so many great landscape photographers in this world. How can you choose from them a selection of 30 that is a good representative sample of the great creativity and art in this genre? If it had been up to me, I would have liked to include many more artists, because there are quite a few more that I appreciate very much. So I had to choose those who in one way or another have accompanied my own artistic path, have become sources of inspiration, mentors, and friends.

It is with great pleasure that today I would like to share the list of photographers featured in my upcoming book (in alphabetical order):

Marc Adamus
Valda Bailey
Sandra Bartocha
Alister Benn
Trym Ivar Bergsmo
Samuel Bitton
Theo Bosboom
Nigel Danson
Isabel Diez
Benjamin Everett
Thomas Heaton
Tom Hegen
Arild Heitmann
Kai Hornung
Céline Jentzsch
Paul Kenny
Stian Klo
William Neill
Alex Noriega
Freeman Patterson
Bruce Percy
Rafael Rojas
Paul Sanders
Hans Strand
Guy Tal
Rachael Talibart
TJ Thorne
David Thompson
Marsel van Oosten
David Ward
Reuben Wu

With great gratitude to these amazing artists who agreed to participate in my little project.

Looking forward to the book and its final outcome. Can’t wait to see it myself… Will keep you updated on the next steps soon.