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Creative Minds in Landscape Photography

By René Algesheimer.
Introduction by René Algesheimer.


Voice of the Eyes® is a collection of interviews with exceptional landscape photographers who have mastered their art and have helped shape the entire discipline.

The central purpose of this book is to provide insight into the creative work of landscape artists and their diverse understandings and approaches to photography. With this book, the reader will get answers on when and how these personalities are triggered by landscapes, how they translate this into meaningful work, how they use style as a visual instrument, when and how they work on projects, and how they have managed to create a sustainable portfolio of work over the years.

The artists’ answers vary greatly and show that there are no limits to creativity. Their advice helps both young and experienced photographers, artists, and interested readers find answers to their own questions, discover ideas for shaping their creative path, and find ways to use photography as an expressive medium. At the same time, the texts are entertaining and provide a candid look into the lives of the artists.

As the methodology underlying the book, a standardized questionnaire was used in which all artists were asked the same fifteen questions. This allows for a typology of responses and the possibility of not only studying chapters by artists but also comparing responses across artists to discover differences.


Format: Hard-cover
Number of Pages: 520
Number of Photographs: 125
Publication Date: 01.08.2022, 1st edition
Measurements: 250mm x 250mm
ISBN: 978-3-9525575-0-1


Curated and edited by René Algesheimer. Introduction by René Algesheimer
René Algesheimer is a photographic artist, author, and scientist living in Switzerland. He further works as a mentor, coach, and workshop leader in the Essential Seeing School of Photography. Engaged in the study of wonder.


Marc Adamus,
Valda Bailey,
Sandra Bartocha,
Alister Benn,
Trym Ivar Bergsmo,
Samuel Bitton,
Theo Bosboom,
Nigel Danson,
Isabel Díez,
Benjamin Everett,
Thomas Heaton,
Tom Hegen,
Arild Heitmann,
Kai Hornung,
Céline Jentzsch ,
Paul Kenny,
Stian Klo,
William Neill,
Alex Noriega,
Freeman Patterson,
Bruce Percy,
Rafael Rojas,
Paul Sanders,
Hans Strand,
Guy Tal,
Rachael Talibart,
TJ Thorne,
David Thompson,
Marsel van Oosten,
David Ward,
Reuben Wu,