Falling Beauty | 2019-2020
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FALLING BEAUTY: A Study of Beauty and Decay.

Glacier caves. Regarded on a macro-level, they are beautiful arrangements of cyanic blues allowing a look back into the history of majestic glaciers. Mystic, yet wonderful hideouts that have witnessed slow passing centuries. Regarded on a micro-level, the ice continues to uncover beautiful forms emerging from snow crystals, melting ice, flowing water, and the everlasting rocks under the surface. The concept of time in here however is fluid and moving. A world in decay.

Although beautiful creatures, these caves have emerged due to the effects of global warming, as melting water has run under, through, or on top of the glacier. While the water was the origin of the glaciers, meltwater is the harbinger of their decay. As such, the beauty of these ice creatures is volatile and fading. Bleeding snapshots of a disappearing landscape.

Alaska, Iceland, Switzerland | 2019-2020

Falling Beauty | 2019-2020

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