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TOGETHER: This ongoing body of work explores togetherness and examines the “I” in the “we”.

As a social scientist I am interested in interconnections and the importance of social grouping for the wellbeing of the individual. Today, in highly dynamic surroundings we are pervaded with temptations of consumption, causing us to lose a vital connection to ourselves and our beloved ones. For this series, I’ve conveyed how Togetherness is a duality between the individual and a group having both enriching, positive as well as limiting, negative aspects that need to be balanced.

With this series, I’ve created mirrored diptychs of trees living at a location I consider my home. These groups of trees stand together on a high plateau in Switzerland surviving through harsh weather conditions. Using my scientific background, I presented the trees in such a way that each diptych represents different dimensions of Togetherness: Belongingness, attachment, support or conflict and pressure. For every photograph I created an inverted version and juxtaposed it with the original white version. The resulting set of dyptichs marries the facets of Togetherness.


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