Transitions | 2018
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“The only constant in life is change”
| Heraclitus

We start in one place and we end in another. These transitions tame our high spirits and while we believe to be in a defining state, we are again in a transition. Transitions are the only constant in life. As we observe these transitions around us, we are simultaneously part of them. The longer we observe them, the more we may realize that we can initiate these changes ourselves. In the end, we ourselves are also one cause for the transition. Finding harmony between giving things their course and being the change ourselves.

A snow blizzard collapsed into Huangshan, a mountain range in the Anhui province is eastern China. For the beauty of two days, it covered the pine trees and granite peaks with frost and snow. The wind sculptured shapes of snow and pushed us into a transition between cover and bloom, between light and shadow, between the past and the future. In a country that itself is politically and culturally in transition.

This series of photographs represent different forms of transitions:

Developmental Transition: Nature growths. Human constructs. Together we need to find unity.
State Transition: We are adaptive and react to our environment. Sometimes we are solid, sometimes liquid, sometimes gaseous. We feel convinced, we swim, melt, freeze, vaporize or sublimate.
Growth Transition: We are all part of a growth process, always redefining our places within our environment.
Light Transition: We are born from the dark, but we rise into the light.
Faith Transition: We believe. We may believe differently. But in the end, we all believe.
Maturity Transition: One may observe our general appearance, but our beauty lies within. If you just magnify to the inside.
Balance Transition: Things might get out of balance from time to time. But we strive to recuperate the balance.
Closeness Transition: We enjoy the views of the distance to let our souls fly. But we search for closeness.

黄山 Mt Huangshan (Yellow Mountains), China | 2018

This series received the following international awards:
• Silver Award at the 2020 Px3 Prix de la Photographie, Paris for The Whites.

Transitions | 2018

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