Show Yourself to the World

“You are like a city on the hill; you can’t be hidden out of sight in any way! Beautify your environment!”
| Israelmore Ayivor

In the last blog post, I talked very personally about what inner questions often move me. This led me to pull back on Instagram and social media last year. I didn’t feel like I could contribute, nor wanted to, if I didn’t have clarity about myself.

In my reflections on this year and on myself, I have come to realize that I want to show myself to the world – even if it is often difficult for me. I wish for all of us to show up more. More authenticity. How nice it would be if we didn’t constantly worry about what others might think of us, but simply “are”. Without judging ourselves. With all our hurts, wounds, the past, with all our love, our passion, our energy and our light. All this belongs to us and is part of us. Therefore, we can allow ourselves to be all that we want to be in this world, not just a small version of ourselves. Even if we are fearful, we can still live this trust in ourselves, our joyfulness and our dreams. All of this just reminds us what is important to us in life and where we want our energy to flow. So I wish for all of us to show up. We are not here to meet the expectations of others, to get more likes and engagement, to win big prizes in photography, or to print the best books. The only thing that matters is that we are real, honest, and always return to our heart. To have a connection with ourselves. Then we give ourselves the most beautiful gift: a peaceful and loving connection with ourselves.

In this sense, I have also resolved to bring more of myself to the outside again in 2022, to show more, to feed my newsletter and to open my projects more.

I look forward to all of you who have also decided to show up. It will lead us into a more open, loving world.