The Intention to Photograph

“The link is more important than the thing.”
| Bernard Cova

How do I create intention in my photographs?

Classical theory in photography would argue that one could either analyze technique, framing, composition, originality or light of a photograph, or zoom into the photograph and study it’s tonality, color and contrast. What really matters to me, however, is the link between the objects of a photograph. This link often tells a story that pushes the viewer into the role as a silent, participating observer of the scene.

This story is my reason to make a photograph. To see the world through my mind, my soul and my eyes. These stories change information into meaning.

While the “why” of photography is a general motivation, the intent is precise and conditional on a specific moment. By linking intention, emotion and technique in a photograph, I am trying to create a chance for someone else to experience me (in that moment).