The Last Photograph of the Day

“Art must take reality by surprise.”
| Françoise Sagan

Is it worth capturing yet another photograph at the end of a long day?

After a long day of being out immersed in nature, when you feel tired from the lovely experiences, when you recognize the thighs after working on the mountain with a heavy loaded backpack, when you already packed everything back into your back ready to depart back home, a scenery may light up emerging from the dawn stimulating a question: Shall I really get out my equipment to capture another photograph? Is it worth hunting for another idea?

I don’t know if you such a moment happened to you as well. To me, it happens almost every time I go out with my camera. And almost every time I stop, put down my bag, get out the camera and try working the capture to create a memorable photograph. And from my point of view, I have to say, it is always worth it. Among all my photographs, often those are the once that are made to stay.

The photograph you see in this post is another example. I took it at the end of an amazing day in the Empty Quarter in the UAE, where I spent quality time with inspirational individual. The dawn carved out some beautiful color palettes that I have never seen before throughout daytime in the dessert. As such, this photograph turned out to be pure “Gold” for me and to the title was born.

Finally, this photograph won several awards, next to a Gold Medal at the Epson Pano Award today it was awarded with the TOP101 from The International Landscape Photographer of the Year Award.

If you face a moment like that in the future, you may pause and go the extra mile to capture this final photograph of the day. It might be your most influential one.